Voice T1 Circuits

Optimized Business provides all types of connections from T1 and up. If it’s available in your area, we've got it. We provide you with the convenience of an Instant Quote below. Please complete the required information and select the product and term to get immediate pricing.

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Solution: Best Used For:
Local T1 Best for business that have a need for a dial tone &/or mostly local calling.
Long Distance T1 Best for businesses with a lot of Long Distance Nationwide minutes. Based on the volume of calls - long distance rates can be as low as $0.0099 per minute with 6 second billing.
Partial T1 Best for businesses that do not need a full T1, yet need at least 8 lines or 768 Kbps Data Connection.
Integrated T1 Best for businesses that need at least 8 lines with 768 Kbps data connection on a single T1.
Dynamic T1 Advanced integrated T1 with 5 to 18 voice lines and 1.5Mbps Data while giving priority to the voice.
Bonded T1 Multiple T1's combined together as one for role-over calls
Voice DS3 Larger capacity equivalent to 32 bonded T1, normally delivered over Fiber Optic connection. Can be combined for Data and Voice services, allocated as needed