Data T1 Circuits & DS3

Optimized Business provides all types of connections from T1 and up. If it's available in your area, we've got it. We provide you with the convenience of an Instant Quote below. Please complete the required information and select the product and term to get immediate pricing.

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Data T1
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Solution: Best Used For:
Data T1 1.544 Mbps connection to the internet, remote location, and any Data Application you may need.
Bonded T1 Combines 2 or more T1's into 3Mbps or more.
Data DS3 Partial or full DS3 for up to 48Mbps. Save over Bonded T1 with minimum of 6Mbps.
Data T1 for VOIP 1.544 Data T1 connection with priority to voice packets, Separate voice packets from data packets.
Integrated T1 Best for businesses that need at least 8 lines with 768 Kbps data connection on a single T1.
Dynamic T1 Advanced integrated T1 with 5 to 18 voice lines and 1.5Mbps Data while giving priority to the voice
Point to Point Connect 2 locations over VPN (Virtual Private Network)
SDSL Business Symmetric-DSL: DSL line with symmetrical bandwidth
ADSL Business Asymmetric-DSL: Traditional line-share DSL service that installs over existing local phone service. Normally download speed is higher than upload speed

* All circuits available in any bandwidth, including DS3, Bonded T1s, OC3 and more.