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As every call center has it own unique application and needs, so are the variations of the phone systems available. Below is a list of the dialer’s available to help with your specific telephony needs.

Predictive Dialer
This is the newest generation of high-speed telephone dialing systems. In addition to dialing calls, the predictive dialer will also monitor the length of each call and develop an average call length. Once the system knows the average call length, the predictive dialer has the capability to make the next call and "hand it off" to the agent as soon as the first call has ended. This system maximizes the on-phone time of each agent, and the overall result is that more potential customers are contacted in a shorter period of time. Predictive Dialing is an automated dialing feature in which the system predicts from pre-set algorithms when an agent/operator will become free and makes the call in advance.

An auto-dialer is an electronic device that can automatically dial telephone numbers to communicate between any two points in the telephone, mobile phone and pager networks. Once, through the telephone exchange, the call has been established the auto-dialer will announce verbal messages or transmit digital data (SMS messages) to the called party.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Interactive Voice Response is a system that automatically manages incoming calls. An IVR can link phone callers (voice and/or touchtone) with a computer database. It can also accept a question, access the company's database and provide a caller with the information they are seeking. It can also take information from the caller, convert it to data and input that data into the companies database.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
The Automatic Call Distribution device that handles heavy incoming call volume. It sends a call to the first available answering position or, if all positions are busy, plays a recorded message and puts calls in a queue until an answering position becomes available. It is used to reduce call waiting time for callers and to help route the call to the right person. This system is mostly used in call centers.

Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a private voice-communications-capable switching facility located in an end-user organization's premises. It provides an on-premises connection between terminals connected to it, including dialing services, and may provide connections in-between those terminals and other communications networks.